At Play With National Geographic’s YOUR SHOT

YOUR SHOT On National Geographic

by Carl Kruse

Among the many sites to share images online — Instagram, 500px, Snapchat – one of the best is National Geographic’s “Your Shot,” a place where amateurs and professionals alike gather to share their photos. Their effort makes YOUR SHOT a feast for the eyes. And often the soul.

Some of what happens on “Your Shot” finds its way to the fabled pages (at least for photographers) of National Geographic, making YOUR SHOT also a catapult for aspiring artists hoping to attract the attention of a larger stage.

Of special interest is the “Daily Dozen” where magazine editors select their 12 favorite images of the thousands uploaded daily. Most of these photos are a fantastic voyage in of themselves, and taken together a respite from the travails of daily life. Much goodness here.

For fun I’ve taken to posting some of my own iPhone images to strut  along the Canon 5D and Nikon 4DS images of world-class photographers. While superior cameras make it easier to create beautiful images, it is ultimately technique and the artistic eye that make way for the magic on YOUR SHOT, giving even those with lowly smartphones a chance to run for the money.

Examples of iphone photos I have posted on “Your Shot” include:

Carl Kruse NYE Miami

Street Art Berlin, Germany

carl kruse meki image

More Street Art in Berlin, Germany

Others include:

Surely, you can do as well, probably better.

Photographers retain full copyright to their photos, so all cool for those worried the big bad magazine will abscond with your work.  By the way, all images on this site are copyright Carl Kruse.

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Keep doing goodness.

Carl Kruse

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